Home is where the heart is

The easiest and probably the most fun way to jazz up your pad is to use things you already have stashed away and forgotten about. Some pieces might need a little updating others items may simply need to be displayed properly.As you may know I am a big fan of transforming something old and boring into something stunning simply with a fresh coat of paint. If you also happen to be into spray painting double gold star as whatever you are transforming will look even more rock n roll. I must confess with a pretty frantic schedule I spray paint less and less – instead I take my finds to a car sprayer who has transformed mirrors, frames, consoles and desks into items of fabulousness. Over the holidays I ventured into the loft and found a ton of stuff that I had forgotten about it – photos, art etc which leads me onto my next pointdisplaying art whether that’s family photos, auction finds etc is a fab way of transforming a room and adding personality. Its only recently that I have started collecting in a big way – and am now obsessive about it. My hallway being Victorian tall and narrow is about to get transformed with a whole hodge podge of oils, water colours, sketches and prints that I have picked up from all over the place. The art I have amassed has not been purchased from an investment point of view I've simply brought what I love. And that dear freinds is the key - a little revamp and update every now and again is the perfect way to create a space that makes you happy - after all home is where the heart is. This little collection is fabulous because its not limited to any one period, artist or medium it is a hodge podge a beautiful hodge podge. Nope this isn't me although I wish it were - pottering around in a space full to the brim of beautiful things is my idea of heaven. For the next two weeks I am in Paris showing our collection of dog lights and art. Shall attempt to post everyday although not necessarily first thing so please bare with me. The plan is to jog along the Seine at the crack of dawn each morning providing I haven't eaten steak tartare, chips, bread and wine the night before.Have a feeling my plan may not last very long x  

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