Updates and revamps

First up apologises for lack of posts - no trains to Paris meant being 6 hours behind schedule and its gone a little crazy. Still its lovely to be here in the middle of the Marais even if I only get to see little glimpses. Recently I came across this image which immediately appealed as I am all about customising stuff revamping it and giving it bit of a rock n roll vibe. Simple to do you can literally scrawl on anything and its transformative. I have taken an old piece of rust and in barbie esq pink scrawled the wife is always right! Everyone who visits thinks I have brought the piece from some super doper gallery. Talking of rust I am a little obsessed - one large piece hangs in the centre of my winter living room. Excuse the boring picture below of my pad its was early days before any furniture but I wanted to illustrate to start a collection you can surround yourself with fabulous things that don't cost a fortune. Happy Wednesday - late already must dash. x It looks like a painting and thinks its a painting but nope just one big old piece of beautiful beautiful rust.

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