Building our set all day yesterday at Maison Objet from bits and bobs of mdf and chipboard and seeing the space in a mater of 11 hours transform from an ugly empty nook into a mini panelled country room got my thinking. How simple simple simple it is to revamp and reconfigure a space in a matter of hours. The big boys here build whole houses more or less - marble counters, beautifully polished wooden floors, grand entrance ways, shimmery ceilings from which a zillion chandeliers hang all in a matter of days. Retailers like me caring about the space in which we are showcasing our products to a global audience. So why are so many people scared off DIY - its intoxicating stuff especially when the results look so phenonanal . Here in Paris its literally Graham and I, constructing walls, building chimney breasts, panelling walls and laying a floor. So I guess what I am trying to say is don't be scared - if you have a boring wall and no art panel it, if you hate your floor buy super sized floor boards from any DIY store paint them the same colour as your walls and you will see how suddenly you have brought a room alive. Intoxicating stuff - and I'm addicted. I leave you with a image of a store that I adore - Astier de Villiatte - here at the show they have literally built the same store that stands so beautifully in Paris in the exhibition centre store front and all. Astier in all its glory - beautifully constructed with beautiful products. Please excuse spelling mistakes beyond late and have to run

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