Catching Up

First up apologises for not keeping up to date with the blog. The days were just too crazy in Paris to keep up with everything and we were rather overwhelmed on the stand with the response to our lights. Now I am back, rested (well sort of) and inspired - there is nothing like escaping to another city for being inspired. The interior below is not actually French although the vibe is so French but its actually the downtown NY loft apartment of Robin Standefer and  Stephen Alesch - super doper designers. I saw it on Habitually Chic's website and it pretty much personifies what a great many of the stands were doing at Maison Objet - mixing things up. Juxaposing modern with traditional - very little matches and yet it all makes perfect sense. Art (my latest obsession) is everywhere in this apartment and yet is doesn't feel overwhelming- nothing transforms a home more than a slap of dark paint and some fab art I say. Ok so its not dark - but its beautiful and its beautiful because it feels relaxed and informal. As for the art it doesn't have to match start with one painting and add over time to your collection and before very long you will have yourself a lovely little gallery. This is the couple's library or snug a lovely haven in which to relax and it makes me want to redo my living area all over again.  My sofa swamps the whole room something like this is way more perfect. Talking of sofa's I saw one to die for in Paris which I ordered for the store (and I can't quite believe didn't add one  on for me) - its like nothing else I have seen - a sectional (and I normally hate sectionals)  boho, patterned faded velvet low slung piece of fabulousness. As soon as it arrives which regrettably is not until May I shall post an image if I can stand to wait that long.

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