Embracing Pattern

Yesterday late afternoon snuggled up on the sofa with Maud, a fire flickering in the hearth and an early glass of wine (it was 6pm and I felt I deserved it after Paris) I came across the work of someone quite extradinary – Heidi Lender. Heidi has led an international life as a fashion writer and photo stylist in New York, LA, London, and Paris, and then changed directions not so long ago to become a photographer. Her pictures are whimsical, magical and inspirational. Not purely for the composition but for the fabulous juxtaposition of so many patterns and textures. I have decided I need to embrace pattern in a far bigger way this year – patterns truly transform a space like nothing else I know. Yes you need a bit a confidence but see here how beautifully it all works. The hottest rend in decorating today is eclecticism and you can only achieve this look if you surprise the eye. Acres and acres of solid hues just won’t do it, so this year I am going to knock it out of the park and create truly tantalising spaces that are pattern lead – not crazy but  balanced, harmonious and unique . All photographs Heidi Lender: Pattern upon pattern - beautiful

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