Latest obsession - Nathalie Lete

Posting today and being super organised rather than tomorrow as I leave at the unearthly hour of 4.45 for a journey up North for a meeting with our potters – and know I will be flying around the house like a mad thing tomorrow morn and forgetting to post.With Paris still in my mind I wanted to post images of a Parisian artist who is truly an inspiration – her work has been coveted by everyone from Chanel to Anthropologie and crosses a vast range of products including dinner ware, ceramics, rugs, clothing, jewellery and books. Nathalie Lete’s work has a fairy tale quality about it – nostalgic, naïve, poetical and fabulous. Animals, folk art, flowers and landscapes predominate in a whimsical, vibrant way. I may have said it before (possibly a zillion times) but am saying it again – add, add, add and add again the odd vibrant, bohemian, playful, quirky piece. You up the kudos and style ratings in an instant. You don’t need a big artsy home – you just need a little bit of confidence. Add to that a happy jumble of colour, some texture and fab lighting and you will have created yourself something very different amongst the sea of sparsely decorated spaces that I see so often. Nathalie at Maison Objet last September - her stands was one of the most intriguing there. Rugs, art, ceramics are all given the same magical twist. Nathalie in her studio - a truly inspiring place. I adore the fact that she follows her heart and paints and makes what she loves. Need their be a better advocate than Nathalie to follow your heart be that in your career or your home, it may be difficult but to work at something that you love or live in a house that lifts your spirits when you return home every evening is I think as good as it gets.      

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