Neo-Eclectic Homes

Fab title but how easy is it to create.  It’s a style that has no rules – almost anything goes and yet it must have a feel of cohesion otherwise you run the risk of creating a chaotic mess. I know quite a lot of people from conversations I have whenever in the store find it quite hard to pull off, worried that a menu of mix and match decorative details will look disorganised.  Apart from following your heart bear in mind these few pointers – try to pick a focal point for each room or area and then build around that.  Also consider your space, although the eclectic look shouts well travelled and full to the brim with stuff you don’t want to overload it – flirt with going over the top and then pull back from the edge just at the last moment – something that I think about often. Also it takes time to create since you are sourcing pieces that are vintage, one offs and unique you can’t do this in a weekend – unfortunately.  It’s a fabulous style and the options are limitless, there are no rules, it’s totally unorthodox and I am a big fan. A very good example of an eclectic space, nothing really matches the space feels as if it has been filled to the brim with finds from all over the globe as it embraces different cultures and styles. Photography Amanda Elmore

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