A day of thank you's

Today is a day of  thank you's to three online magazines, Lonny, Rue and Adore in Australia.  First up Adore www.Adoremagazine.com they have a British slant to their online issue this month and have featured an interview  with me regarding my sister’s pad and have also featured  our shop as seen below, thank you very much. The next thank you is to the designer Angel Dormer whose beautiful  Manhattan pad appears in Lonny magazine www.lonnymag.com.  Angel listed my blog as one of the blogs that aspire – for which I am  incredibly grateful. Angel's beautiful eclectic pad, full of fabulous finds from the lovely selection of cushions on the sofa to the art on the walls. More images of Angel's pad - I am coveting her selection of art it tantalises the eye and makes you want to spend time looking at every single thing in detail. Finally Rue magazine, www.ruemag.com feature an interview with Kim and Jo from the fabulous blog desiretoinspire.net who both mention me as one of the designers they would most like to design their homes. Again thank you guys, it  makes all the hard work so very worth while.

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