Walls that talk

Blank walls are migraine inducing, dull and should be deemed illegal in my humble opinion.  Walls hung with art, wallpaper,  tapestries, shelves, mirrors etc are way more interesting, add personality and drama and turn a home from ordinary to extraordinary. You don’t have to spend vast amounts – my sister has hung a roll of wallpaper from bulldog clips in her hallway to transform a small little wall that was doing nothing into an arty fabulous nook. I brought a huge surrealist canvas at auction recently for under £100 that has utterly changed my own hallway. Shelves are another great way of adding zest – I am an utter convert having relocated my office downstairs to the ground floor I now have a wall to ceiling bookcase  (made simply from MDF) which I have painted the same colour as my walls and heaped tons of magazines, books and other bits and bobs. The wall has transformed itself, its come alive its inviting and enchanting, it  draws the eye and adds the wow factor. Personally I am coveting the library below , I just need the ball gown, the ladder and way hey a happy girl I shall be.    

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