Flower Power

This weekend I suddenly felt that Spring was just round the corner. I was feeding the birds with Maud a daily ritual, (she eats the food as it spills from the feeder I think she thinks she is a bird) it felt mild, and I noticed little shoots springing up. I adore Spring and love changing the house round a bit for the new season ahead. I don't take up rugs or hide away woolly cushions my changes are all do with the floral kind. Flowers and foliage (faux or otherwise are a fabulous way off adding a further decorative note to a space). Flowers lend such a pleasant ambiance to a home and are a fabulous way of celebrating the seasons. As you all probably know I am a huge lover of faux (didn't used to be but that was before I discovered them in Holland) and now they have changed my space totally. Of course I still by fresh,  posy's for the dining room table, a little cluster of what ever is in season for the hallway console table but that's as far as it goes. I don't like tropical, never have and never will instead I prefer big blousy blooms think hydranger, wisteria, fat headed peonies, gelda and roses in the most delicious of colours. I am teasing you a bit here as I don't have images to post yet (I will shortly) but my sister and I have just gotten back from the most exciting flower buying trip ever. I am so excited with what we have brought and we have brought lorry loads  by the way- blossoms huge huge blossoms as well as dainty little sprigs in the palest milk,  pink and palest palest green. Big branches of wisteria so over laden that the branches can barely stand up straight. Hydranger big fat and blousy, wisteria, oodles of roses and so much more. Once in they will all be on our website which is going through a major revamp and everything will be available on line. We haven't been able to keep up with the demand on line but that is all about to change - images will be updated quickly and new blooms up loaded once they are in. Shall leave you in peace with an image that encapsualtes Spring- whether you buy fresh or faux just buy they add colour, texture and the wow factor more than any other accessory. This is an image from Kim Ficaro's portfolio which I adore. Dare I tell you that during the summer months I have been known to put big clusters of faux flowers in vases on the tables scattered throughout my garden to add a bit of extra zing.

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