Abigail Ahern

Dream Home

There are very few homes that blow me away,   but one that never leaves my head space belongs to Nikki Tibbles  florist extradinaire. We had photographed Nikki’s house for my book A Girls Guide to Decorating a few years back and I recently noticed it in Australia’s Inside Out Magazine. It’s evolved a bit as houses should and is full of new enticing pieces, some eye-popping colour  coupled with some fabulous textures. For once I need say nothing  more apart from enjoy its a total inspiration. Textures abound, colours pop out and as for  the patterns - covering a very modern sofa in a traditional floral is genius in my mind. A fabulous grouping of objects nothing matches, nothing relates and yet it all makes perfect sense. It's the layers that are so tantalising the heaps of textiles on the chair, the objects and artwork, and the best part although there is so much going on it doesn't for one second feel over the top. High voltage colour adds the wow factor as well as Nikki's affinity for mixing different styles. This area is a total inspiration from the patterned wallpaper to the rug - from the adventurous use of colour and texture to the  host of multi- cultural furnishings. A visual feast and it just goes to show that by masterfully mixing and layering collections of favourite objects and possessions you can create a truely enchanting idiosyncratic home.

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