Spring Fever

Apologises now for the super short post and zillions of spelling mistakes but I am on deadline. We are totally revamping our website with a ton of new products, some new designs and a whole page dedicated to what I love. I wanted a 100 pages of things I love but the team thought it a little OTT!! Therefore sitting here still in my gym kit (nice) I have four hours of checking and double checking to do before handing the pages over to our web team. The most exciting part of the change is that all our faux flowers which have sold out completely on line will now be updated daily, plus   you guys will get to know in advance whats on our next delivery. Scarily enough we have ordered flowers for the whole year - the quantites are so vast that we are ordering now 12 months ahead, Yikes. All our blooms will follow the rhythms of the season - various types of peonies, roses and gelda arrive in in about 10 days, fabulous blossoms a few weeks after that and then bundles and bundles of wisteria, hydrangea's and a whole heap more. I leave you with an image that shouts Spring - enjoy the weekend tomorrow there is I believe a promise of sunshine and Spring is certainly in the air.

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