Adding some bling

Bold, blingy and fabulous is what design is all about in my book. Interiors that are glamorous  look good  and feel fabulous and it doesn’t get much better than that. Before I get carried away with a whole host of tips for upping the style ratings I must apologise for yesterdays lack of posting. Graham and I have been pulling 14 hour days to get the website totally revamped and today is our last day, it then goes to the web guys to implement and then wham bam hopefully by early next week its all up and running. Back to being glamorous (she says sitting here in her pjs) you can add a bit of bling to your space on any budget. It can be as easy as re thinking the lighting. Lighting generally gets neglected yet its one of the easiest most transformative things you can do. Little pools of light add oodles of atmosphere. Sitting here in the teeniest tiniest of rooms (I am in Graham’s office) there are 6 table lights scattered around the place all with low wattage bulbs casting the most beautiful glow. More tips include moving sofa’s away from walls even if the space is small and if you can arrange the furniture in such a way to give a few seating areas that all adds to the glamour. Shiny surfaces, mirrored furniture all adds pizzazz big time, as do mirrors reflecting and bouncing the light around the space. So pretty easy hey – no more lonely corners and abandoned  nooks add the layers which add the interesting dimensions and hey ho you have yourself a very beautiful pad. All photography below by Pierre-Jean Verger Art, a shiny reflective table, a beautiful luxurious deeply piled rug all adds glamour. As does colour with its shiny finish. As well as texture - the bed throw, the rug, the painting & chair  as well as the wall surface all add layers and layers of interest. That's me done back to the work on the web, happy Tuesday. x

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