Black and white interiors

Not normally one for monochrome interiors I have to admit that these images as seen below and photographed by Simon Watson are exceedingly beautiful. Black and white has been big since the 60’s (think Mary Quant & Twiggy) works fabulously well with fashion but has always  left me feeling rather chilly. The key I think is to add the odd splash of something else  yes that’s bending the rules a tad but then they are there to break no? Anyway the key with monotones is to mix up the variations ie stir in  shades of creamy white, against milk for instance  play with variations on grey and so forth. Also something I generally never advise (and I think I must have been stuck indoors too long doing this website)  if you are going for this look don’t overfill your space with stuff – be selective otherwise you will cause conflict. That’s me done for the day – one more day of web stuff (yes I say this everyday but here’s hoping). Haven’t breathed in fresh air, exercised  eaten anything other than takeout  and  am getting to the end of my tether!    

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