Colour - curious, confident charming

I was reading Rita Konig’s column in the Wall Street Journal the other day where she was discussing the current vogue for bright hues. “It is funny how during the moneyed years of the '90s everything was so chic—a bland, porridge-y mixture of oatmeal and flaxen tones. As the wealth evaporated, it seems that we turned to colour; I find that we all generally care a little less about how perfectly chic our houses are and more about how bright, comfortable and soulful they are”. Too right – and yet so many of us still haven’t converted – the beige haze of blandness still lives on. Nothing zings outs everything matches and looks (love the term Rita) porridge-y.I am wondering if its because its scary – people come into my store all the time and say they love it but in the same breath how they wouldn’t have a clue to getting the look. Yes you need a bit of bravery but colour is the most transformative thing you can do to your interior – its mood enhancing, it adds depth, character, intrigue, and sophistication – (I could go on but fear I will bore you). You don’t have to apply it to walls (I would so encourage you to but you don’t have to) as you will see from Rita’s apartment below the furnishings and the accessories are the colourful pieces. Every time I walk though my door  I get that feeling of squishy contentment as if I have just slurped a double whisky - living in a beige haze just wouldn't have the same effect on me. Colour  reflects who I am,  it adds intrigue, it zings it brings my rooms to life and I encourage everyone to overdose on it! Photograph by Johnny Miller for the Wall Street Journal

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