Dream Decorating

Do it often – staying up late visualising how I might change a room here tweak a room there its what I call dream decorating. I’ve already decorated and fully furnished with my mental blender the house I want in Tuscany along with the bees, a loft I would like in NY and if I may a little bijou pad in the South of France.  None of which is even in the pipeline. I’ve revamped in my head my London garden back and front, re planned the bedroom made adjustments to the hall all whilst working on the new collection and tweaking the website (talking of which will go live possibly today sometime if so I  shall post, if not today then tomorrow). If I did have a house in Tuscany here's how I want it to look – the images below are from The Selby of Dan Martensen and Shannan Click’s home in New York State. They have in my mind the perfect country pad I love its vibe, relaxed, comfortable homely. Textures abound, its effortlessly stylish and I am jealous. I flit between rustic and high voltage glam all the time - combining the two I think is heavenly - the painting adds another dimension all together. It ups the style ratings and adds an unexpected twist. Simple, simple simple and very effective. Summer in the garden - no prim and proper borders just relaxed living at its best.

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