Thinking Big

Whenever I design for a client no matter how large or small the budget I think big – i.e. I think about combining visual impact with some high voltage hues but coupled with that the need to introduce a sense of intimacy. Into the mix I celebrate scale introducing smaller pieces with super sized pieces to add an element of grandiosity.  I create vignettes so however small the space rather than for example one sofa against  a wall  (a la doctors waiting room) I cluster small chairs around a fireplace for a conversational nook. I put the sofa at an angle, throw in some little tables, add oodles of lighting and before long the eye is tantalised. If you create divisions or vignettes as I like to call them within a room (again don’t worry how small it is) the results are -  comfortably eclectic. More is more you don’t have to go overboard but your space will feel way more exciting if everything isn’t banked against the wall with a ton of floor space in the middle. In my own pad you have to meander around chairs, tables, rugs to get around you simply can’t walk in a straight line from one end of the room to the other .   It’s a bit like journeying along the Silk Road  - a sense of discovery and exploration prevails whereby  styles and  cultures intersect and hang out together. One of Jonathan Adler's designs and a perfect example of how to build and add layers. Nothing is slapped against a wall instead it all gravitates to the center of the space. For me  I would personally prefer a greater mix of styles to really ramp up the eclectic vibe but hey - different strokes for different folks as they say. A Kelly Wearstler designed room and pretty darn perfect. See how fabulous it is to create multiple areas all in close proximity of each other. A seating area at an unexpected angle from the desk, little tables butting up against furniture. Its bold, its blingy and its a very good example of what I have been rambling on about.

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