Must have - Moroccan inspired rugs

First up a big thank you to it’s rather lovely to be called amazing and fabulous at this early hour of the morning. Maud is the only one (although she is snoring rather loudly right now) to say such things and that’s in her own little dog speak which only I can understand! Onto today’s discussion which is all about how to brighten up one’s floors. Fancy a bit of leopard print anyone? Nope then   maybe an Ikat or Kelim or maybe a rag rug, a striped number or heaven forbid some bold geometrics? I never quite understand when selecting either rugs or carpets why oh why so many of us opt for porridgey beige options.  If it starts off looking boring believe me it will continue to look boring no matter how  dextrously we place our furniture  . I guess many of us are scared, pattern is scary, it’s bold, its blingy it’s extravagant and that is exactly my point. Whether your space is large or small, bijou or palatial skimming floors with some tantalising patterns will make any room look effortlessly stylish. Some images below to entice and convince all from Anthropologie who are masters at producing beautiful eclectic rugs. They are not exceptionally cheap but they are something you can hang onto forever and thus worth every penny I think. Bold pops of colour coupled with a shag pile = marriage made in heaven. A snippet of an ikat motif and just beautiful.

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