Blooming marvellous

Forgive the late post I had a rather nasty fall whilst out running this morning and am hobbling around feeling sorry for myself.  Plus I managed to hurt rather badly my hand so typing ain't easy. Yesterday we took delivery of some beautiful beautiful blooms - going to try and shoot them today if I can get myself in gear so we can get them up on the site pronto. Imagine if you can the palest buttery roses some soft pink roses along with some others so dark in hue you get mesmerised just looking at them. Also long long long sprigs of gelda  and not to mention peonies in a a whole host of pinks which shout spring more than any other flower I know. In a few weeks time all the blossom is in - I am so excited I want to take it all home and put in big old urns in my garden and then the wisteria arrives, hydrangeas, dahlias and so on. Whether you go for fakes like ours or real (personally I mix as I couldn't afford to have vessels and vessels of real flowers everywhere) they add life to a room. I've got a huge bunch of long hydrangea in my entrance way and the minute I enter through the door my spirits lift. Cluster flowers in key areas you don't have to go overboard like me - a bunch  in the kitchen to soften the space, a cluster on the  dining table and of course the living room. The perfect pick up me now if only I got manage to walk normally it would be a pretty good day. Images below from Twig Hutchinson's portfolio:

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