House that Stephen built

Excuse the rather funny posting time – this morning was an early start and tomorrow morning an incredibly unearthly 5am  start so I am working with the time I have (that’s 10 mins as various projects on the go, a zillion emails I haven’t answered, a quote to write for a magazine,  food to buy for supper  nothing in the fridge again -  a house that needs a tidy as our cleaner  called in  sick plus a walk for Maud - yikes). Check out this Boerum Hill Brooklyn pad owned by artist Stephen Antonson and Kathleen Hackett its an intriguing house all the more so because many of the items have literally been made from  salvaged junk or hardware store finds. Think candelabras crafted from plumbing bits and bobs - lights out of drain grates, other lamps wrapped in string etc etc. They have written a book “Home From the Hardware Store,” detailing all these cunning unique ideas.  Goes to show stuff found at flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales and so on can  look pretty fabulous when revamped you just need to think outside the box a little.

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