Hogwarts for Hipsters

So said the New York Times when reviewing the Breslin Bar and restaurant in downtown New York. Forget about the food if you can  (although sticky toffee pudding, Eton mess and stuffed pig’s foot is tempting) and lets concentrate instead on the fabulously relaxed vibe the sludgy, inky beautiful palette that is the Breslin. Restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars etc are such great sources of inspiration  and may I say  even though spring is hurtling towards us at break neck speed there is no need  repeat no need to go all white and pastelish on me. Dark sludgy hues look fabulous in sunnier warmer months imagine how tantalising when you couple sludge with vibrant tones of canary yellow, scarlet or teal for instance.  (Not the best description I admit but I am rather partial to the word sludge)! The Breslin has opted for some scarlet red curtains to lighten the mood. They have also tiled one of their ceilings in tiny  tiles which I think is  pretty genius. Cosy corners abound, as do old fixtures and fittings – its pub-esque rustic and I like. No hushed whispering or carpeted uptight eateries for me thanks – a simple girl at heart. Love the vibe rustic partnered with glam is a perfect combination. Shots of colour add  high voltage energy to the space. The tiled ceiling is fabulous and adds another layer of cosy

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