Doing a U turn

Apologises for the sporadic posts the last few days, crazy days and crazy hours. I was fascinated to read on Habitually Chic ‘s blog recently the post about fashion designer Chris Benz. Until recently his showroom used to be a white sparse haze of graciousness until now that is. The U turn in cosying up the space came about because friends and colleagues would rather meet at his lovely apartment than in the studio. Interiors and fashion are so linked in terms of colour, proportion, fabrication the reason in fact so many fashion designers launch homeware ranges (usually in my humble opinion rather unsuccessfully) that it made utter sense for Chris to create a complementary space for his very own collection. Chris set about amassing decorative pieces from eBay, estates sales flea markets resulting in a studio that looks and feels eclectic, lived in, comfortable and a tad quirky. So for me and hopefully for you studios, loos, nooks under the stairs, spare rooms, hallways and so on all deserve to get the same treatment. To tantalise, to inspire and be utterly unique and representative  of us. Photography by  Joseph D'Arco: Chris's studio, flea market finds, bright pops of colour and heaps of books and accessories create an interesting vibe. The art wall in the studio all sourced from eBay and markets not a gallery find in sight. I am pretty obsessed with art walls they add so much personality to a space and are so so easy to do. Stay posted as we are creating something similar in my store - whereby you can simply buy inexpensive pieces off the wall or on line and create your very own art wall at home (think sketches, paintings, book covers, illustrations) oh and we will even be providing simple diagrams showing you exactly how to achieve a wall like this big or small. Brilliant hey! I want all the shoes!

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