Figuring out your style

I am often asked (zillions of times a day if I happen to be in the store) how to develop and define style. For me its pretty intuitive I follow my heart and my subconscious and although hard to define its a funked up, idiosyncratic tour de force (can I say that about my style)? For some of us it can be over whelming its visual overload out there what with cool interiors stores, magazines, galleries, blogs, fab bars and so on. Pull back and try to analyse what appeals what pushes your buttons or makes you heart beat a little bit faster – tear out images from magazines, flag blog images you respond too and before long you will have a folio that begins to build a story of how you want your space to look. Its worth noting anything that shouts Ta Da when going through images as this is what turns a space from ordinary to extraordinary. It could be a super sized lamp on a tiny desk, a beautiful patterned rug skimming a floor oh and remember it takes time. A simple fact you can’t define your style if you haven’t invested time in knowing what’s out there its as simple as that. Enough from me– some inspirational images to inspire plus an image of Miss Maud in her chair. An old big leather club which she has eaten – straw is peeking through the arms hence the throw!! . Have just asked her to define her style and apparently its rustic/feminine with a focus on the handmade – hence the need to munch!Miss Maud or Fraudie as I call her having a snooze at home Beautiful, glam, sultry and an image I immediately respond to. A Kelly Wearstler designed living room - it pushes boundaries, makes statements and although not every one's cup of tea I am a fan.

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