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In this months Elle Dec, Editor Michele Ogundehin writes of 6 key trends for the year ahead. Individuality, key colours,  a love of all things floral and art are what we are all obsessing about. The most exciting trend though is the art trend. With more and more online galleries and affordable sites specialising in printed artworks,  apparently we are all getting on the band wagon and adorning our walls with works that ultimately epitomise our individuality. It can feel bewildering but a good tip is to do what I do  if you are starting from scratch and narrow your selection down by focusing in on a certain category for example photography, abstract paintings, sculpture etc. Hanging is a whole other ball game especially if you are hanging in a group. The professional way would be to lay everything out on a table or floor or even better on paper and trace around a combination that works. Tape the paper to the wall and wham bam in no time you have the perfect template for picture hanging. When hanging art at home I have to confess I am not so professional it gets banged up, moved, holes filled, moved again then again and then more usually than not ends up where it started. Hey ho its all part of the fun (although Graham would disagree he utterly hates it, I have to bribe with  beer and an agreement that for at least 30 days we will have a respite from moving around the collection). Some images to inspire of some fabulous art (photography by Mikkel Vang) - joy on a wall! A couple of large works of art totally transform this space and with more and more online sites promoting affordable art you could grab yourself something amazing for the price of an IKEA sofa.

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