Easy Elegance

I must apologise for the lack of posts these last few days - crazy hours and a work load that increases by the day has resulted in my being rather neglectful  again apologises. I have spoken before I think of how I in terms of style I flit between laid back rustic and funked up glam its an internal battle I have with myself as the key for me is to marry the two as fabulously as I can without totally endorsing one look or other. I wanted to concentrate today on the rustic vibe you know the thing - pieces that have an aged as opposed to an over polished look, that are a tad threadbare, distressed with a beautiful patina or texture. I came across one couple's house (Kenyan Lewis and Grace Kelsey) in the NY Times recently who have gone the whole hog and totally embraced the rustic look. Walls are lined with old barn wood, chairs are leather and loungy with the stuffing poking out and old vintage suitcases double as storage and impromtu tables. Causal comfort is easy to achieve when you add the odd tattered and battered piece. It shouts easy elegance and whilst not everyone's cup of tea ( I know some of my relatives would have a mini breakdown at the thought of introducing such a piece) I personally love it. Its not so much the look but the attitude about selecting pieces that tell a story, have some integrity and detail. Bedroom walls are clad in old barn wood and add a beautiful layer of texture. Shoreditch House in London does this look fabulously well, coupled with  much more of glam vibe its all selecting looks that last. Old suitcases double up as storage and are used throughout the couples pad in lots of inventive ways.      

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