Layering your lair

Cushions, throws and rugs are the equivalent of the 5-minute face-lift in the decorating world. In less then a second you can transform a room by layering the soft stuff over chairs, sofas, floors and beds. To me the finishing touches are the most exciting part, seeing a room take on a complete different personality once layered is addictive.  If your room is lacking a little oomph rather like my very own bedroom then textiles add a new lease of life. If your pad lacks pattern then cushions and throws are an excellent way to introduce some, as of course are rugs. Soft furnishings add individuality and points of interest making a space homely and cosy and what better way to introduce you to the bedroom of my dreams – Miss Donna Karen’s pad. It's somewhat unusual for me to like such a neutral space but this is  beautiful. Layered to perfection, simple and laid back where different materials and finishes intermix, hang out together and create magic.

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