Creating an eclectic interior

The hardest style to pull of since its a blend of furnishing styles  from a mixture of sources and time pieces. You don't get the look by just throwing any old thing into a space there has to be commonalities in order to create harmony and cohesiveness. Fear not however there are a few rules to follow which make the whole thing way easier to follow. Pick a common denominator whether that's colour, pattern, texture, scale, finish or shape and make sure the pieces in your room relate in some way or other to one or a whole host of these. To confuse you even further you need to constrast in order to add intrigue so mix up the scale, add some high voltage hues, accentuate pattern and before long your space will look like its fit to be photographed for the glossiest of interior mags. An interesting nook - hanging out on a wall art from different periods, different mediums and different scales. Nothing matches and yet it all makes perfect sense. A Wearstler design - your eye gets pulled in a zillion different directions and yet there is some co-ordination with the colour palette and the scale of the furnishings. It may be too much for some for me the more interesting you can make a space the better.

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