Why giving your home a bit of Alice in Wonderland bling is a must have

Alice as you probably all know is a bit of an inspiration. In her world things get super sized or reduced to tiny teeny and today I thought we would celebrate that. The reason being scale is one of the most under considered components in the decorating puzzle, Often times ignored, neglected altogether or under used I thought I would try (hopefully successfully) to encourage everyone to think out of the box and play around with scale. If you are going down the teeny tiny route then chairs, little occasional tables or stools look fab when coupled with bigger pieces of furniture – grandiose sofas for example.  I have partnered a rustic old apple crate which I have turned upside down and used it as an impromptu additional little table. So a rough, weather-beaten old box hangs out with a big old sofa upholstered in a mohair/cashmere blend. Juxtaposing the luxurious with the humble is an interesting twist that not everyone understands (mentioning no names in-laws)! Also (rather naughtily) this fabulous lamp (illustrated below) came into the store on Wednesday and I have taken apologises pinched one for home. Its one of those super sized Ta Da look at me lamps, bold, blingy and fabulous as it completely and utterly transforms any area including this little reading nook. It sits next to a chair (just a corner peeking in so low that it almost skims the ground) and again provides an interesting twist making this area look grander than it really is. And here is the lamp in question - The Hudson. With a bronze ceramic base and a beautiful oatmeal shade (you can't see but all my pots on the terrace are big bronze numbers so it ties in rather beautifully) and oodles of faux flowers. Yep there are even bunches of fake hydrangeas in concrete pots hanging out on tables all over my garden. Crazy no? And below in detail - its so new in its not even on our website yet.

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