Good Design

Well I got her the Merc that is a 1968 racing green saloon. She's not the speediest thing and she's broken down about 10 times already (stalled continually and we had to get pushed on Saturday by 8 burly guys) but I love her. Which got me to thinking design isn't just about having something that's cool or that's in its about something that gives us pleasure that we take pride in that has integrity and longevity. Be that my car , a piece of furniture,  a fab piece of art and so on. Take this house for example after hurricane Katrina destroyed Karina Gentinetta and A.J McAlears home they rebuilt from scratch their dream home - a classic cottage. Much of the furniture has been flea market sourced (the chair costing 5 bucks and then slipped covered). Karina painted the art. Sir Terence Conran once said buy less but buy better and  in this throw away culture I couldn't agree more. I love modern but I also adore vintage if you can mix the two then magic truely starts to happen.

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