Creating a retreat

Creating a peaceful retreat away from the pressures of work and the pace of the city (if you happen to reside in a city that is) is a tough one. Doubly so if your home doubles up as your studio as mine and no doubt numerous other people’s do.  Having a space which is dedicated to the accoutrements of your trade rather than hotfooting it around your pad is fundamental I think. My studio is my oasis, as I’ve surrounded myself with stuff that I love, and in so doing constantly feel inspired and motivated. I think that’s the key to home offices to layer them as you would any other room in a house and not just think of them as purely functional. Take for example the Melbourne home of artist David Bromley below (I am becoming a little Melbourne obsessed of late as visiting the city later in the summer but more on that another time). David’s studio is his home and his home his studio each room echo’s the next in terms of look and feel.  It’s a colour burst,  a kaleidoscope of eclectic finds that flirts with going over the top but manages to pull back from being crazy. Infact some of the most interesting interiors in my opinion are a big old jumble of everything hanging out together mismatched and yet somehow living in harmony. In a magazine recently and I read so many forgive me for not remembering who said – compromise leads to mediocrity.  Couldn’t have said it better myself Buy what you love, experiment and follow your heart. Its better to have a house that makes your pulse quicken with joy than a home that feels purely what it says on the tin – indifferent. A little crazy but I love it. The pops of colour found in the rug skimming the floor and the beautiful art on the wall takes this space to another level. This old warehouse huge as it may be actually feels incredibly lived in, laid back and relaxed. P.S please excuse lack of photography credit I found these images on the web and so not sure who photographed them.  

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