Abigail Ahern

Time to get organised

When it comes to styling shelves I have OCD – obsessing over different ways to create eye-catching vignettes. I may change the flower arrangement one week to find it throws off the whole atmosphere, the balance is wrong so back to the beginning we go.  It may sound obsessive but it’s the components that go into creating a fab little vignette (books, candles, art) etc that gives a room its character.  The conundrum is how to stamp your very own personality into a room strategically and cleverly in order that it brings you joy. Couple of top tips if you have books on your shelves stack them both vertically and horizontally as this will add visual interest and create a rhythmic pattern. Embellish with flair add ceramics and objects with intrigue – for example in the store we have the most fabulous porcelain cockatoos and parrots – super sweet on a shelf or bookcase.  Play with the scale and put such objects next to smaller or large items for an added dose of surprise.And you all know about colour right it perks up everything and anything – I shall say no more. Couple of images to inspire. Heaps of books and magazines heavenly - brings a room alive in an instant. As mentioned above you create interesting visual rhythms by stacking books vertically and horizontally - it breaks up lines and adds interest.

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