Having a moan

American Elle Decor have this month  have profiled the work of designers they consider to be 2011's A list. Its not good apart from one design firm (more of them in a min).  I was flabbergasted at just how conservative and uptight the portfolio Elle Dec previewed actually was. Everything matched, a beige haze of blandness prevailed, the interiors were so overly designed, dull. boring and I think I may have yelled to Graham (but in far bluer terms) that's it I quit!! Of course I won't but it saddens me to think that people/clients actually want this kind of a look.I just don't get it. Enough said there was a jewel in the crown - a magnificient jewel at that. Roman and Williams are a red hot design firm creating beautiful interiors from installing a penny tile floor (made of real pennies for the Standard hotel in NY) to installing a huge massive swing crafted from antique wood in Gwyneth Paltrow's pad to designing spaces for Ace Hotel. Their take on interiors is witty, seamlessly blending cutting edge design with a traditional sense of luxury. Their interiors create moods, textures and emotions that are so easy to relate too.Its called building an experience,  capturing customers and clients imagainations (an image of their work below). Sorry Elle Decor your list is just not good enough - life is way too short to showcase indifferent interiors and if these guys hadn't been mentioned I would be on a plane right now banging on the editors door!

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