Design on a dime

Corny title but its true you can create utterly inspiring interiors without spending oodles of money. The fab thing about having a limited budget is that you have to think out of the box, PLUS because you have to get creative your home will never resemble or feel like one of those anonymous ones that grace the pages of so many magazines in that I mean so overly decorated and so perfect that you feel uncomfortable. So my first tip when budgets are tight is to follow your heart, don't follow the Jones's down the road or follow trends regardless of whats in or whats out. When you are decorating on a dime you still want to gather pieces that will be with you for a long time. Even though I don't need to decorate on a dime any longer I still haunt out thrift stores, flea markets and eBay for brown furniture, its going for a song and then I spray it. Well I don't spray it anymore (zero time) I take it to a car sprayers and magic happens see here: [caption id="attachment_2021" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="Photography Mads Mogensen"][/caption] This little table cost me £30 in a junk shop and now it looks a zillion bucks. I get far more pleasure in finding something like this than say going into B&B Italia but then thats just me. Another tip is to seek out up and coming designers whose work can totally transform your home. You won't pay the fees you would if you went to a gallery or  a store and its great for the designers to get their work showcased.Take Rose Hill for example (, Rose is a print designer and creates all sorts of fabulous commissions from wallpaper to textiles to fashion. Some examples of Rose's work below: Fabulous as a wallpaper, some beautiful cushions or even curtains and below one of Rose's paintings. Happy Decorating!

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