Back offices did a fab feature in their new issue on revamping offices, whether that's your home office or not there is no reason why they can't look as tantalising as your home. I am a huge believer that if you work in a beautiful space you are far happier, more productive and enjoy being at work (maybe that's just me as hubby seems to work in a utter bomb shell everyday and not mind- odd no)? I would say often times home offices are probably the most neglected in a house - I guess because its a challenge to make the space functional but yet beautiful. My top tips -  design in exactly the same vibe as the rest of your space. For example mix modern with traditional, play around with scale, litter the walls with art, layer the floor with rugs and layer layer layer. All images from The furniture in this space is simple enough what brings it alive is the area rug, the super sized table lamps and funky cushions on the chairs. The patterns distract from the functional furniture its a clever tip but a fundamental one when revamping offices. If you design your office like your home you end up with a space that is super cool to work in. The more you play around with the scale the more interesting your space will become. Wallpaper is a fabulous way of turning an ordinary room into an extraordinary room and especially suited to an office. You can be bold and daring with an office as you want to excite your imagination and turn going to work into a pleasurable experience. My studio is at home and often times I am working away 12 hours or more a day and yet hanging out in a room with an old vintage desk sprayed super glossy teal, a zeebra rug skimming the floor, an supersized club chair covered in beautiful velvet and a whole bunch of my poodle lights sitting on ostrich tables makes me a very happy girl indeed!

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