Making tiny cleaver

More and more of us live in small spaces, especially if we happen to dwell in a city –think Paris and NY in particular. In London too, I happen to live in a four story townhouse being Victorian rooms are plentiful but small.  Faced with this classic dilemma my trick for small space living is to pull and push furniture into the centre of the room rather than shoving against the wall a la doctor’s waiting room. This way you are distracting the eye from making an instant overall assessment of just how bijou your space actually is – instead you are creating small interesting conversational nooks full to the brim with stuff that are cosy, snug and fabulous and take your eye on a journey of discovery. Select furniture that is nicely scaled to the room, if you want to do as I do and up the style ratings even further play around with scale just not with the furniture instead think lighting, cushions, objects etc. Next ignore all that mumbo jumbo about painting a small room a pale colour to make it appear bigger. If its small its small period – no amount of beige haze will change that! Pull down beds are an excellent way of maximising space so is multi functional furniture – stools that double up as storage areas for example. Some images to illustrate what I am banging on about – forgive the fact that a few of them are pale you wouldn’t believe the amount of time I have spent looking for beautifully hued small spaces that are not pale. Don’t exist except in my world! I am obsessed with this space, genius. Totally maximises the room - two beds, two sweet little work areas with storage above. Beautiful if you happen to have children - I'm thinking Maud might like such a bedroom  but being an only dog she will need a brother or sister for the bunk beds - hmm shall consider! Also cleaver a living/dining space all rolled into one. The upholstered chairs are fabulous it makes the space feel a lot more loungy. A pull down bed is another fab way of making a small space totally work. Seen here its down and below its up and totally intergrates with the rest of the room.

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