Chewing the fat

Fab feature on Moi which has just gone live  in Mercedes Benz magazine thank you MB. Brought an old Merc a few weeks ago and am besotted with her its so much fun to drive. My Merc Lonny Magazine, an online decorating and lifestyle publication  I must say beats many of the US publications hands down, way more relaxed and less uptight in feel it bridges the gap rather well between modern and classic. The key to a good magazine is in spite of tough economical times  having read this do you want to immediately make your apartment,your house, your home feel special and redecorate and the answer is very simply yes.The houses they feature are creative and  individual and they inspire. I was recently blown away with this garden room, its so sweet and comes back to what I was saying recently about making your outside space look and feel just like your inside space. Think upholstered chairs, softly glowing lamps, clusters of flowers everywhere - its adorable. I have a desire for something similar in my garden but instead of the fabric cabana I was thinking more of a little wooden cabin so no matter what the weather (if its cold you light a little fire) if its warm you fling open large doors and hang out on the terrace but as hubby pointed out we have enough rooms in this house already that we don't use. Why build more (except I kind of want too)! How sweet and adorable is this outside space.

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