Decorating with books

There is something fabulous about lining shelves with books, I guess its that library esq feel  comforting, cosy, and snug . Floor to ceiling bookcases are fabulous if you can fill them that is, but so is a pile of books plonked next to a chair with a vase housing seasonal blooms on top. Books soften the edges of a space, making it feel more personal and lived in. Little heaps here and there are  excellent accessories. I've got them all over the place from  floor to ceiling bookcases to little piles of three with a teeny tiny lamp on top. If stacking on shelves vary the heights, turn some of their sides, stack horizontally and then lean the next group against. In my kitchen I have 6 or 7 stacks of recipe books on the central island with the odd vase, or scented candle plonked on top. They add height and colour and soften the stainless. On my travels somewhere and I can't recall where I remember seeing a coffee table fashioned out of books. A few dozen decorative tomes were used as legs with a sheet of glass on top, it  looked pretty cool. Which reminds me fab old book covers are great to frame and to hang on walls - without further ado some images as always to inspire. Love love love this bookcase and how it brings the space alive Smaller but equally as effective, adding pictures and objects creates another interesting layer. Stacked on the floor in super sweet little piles with a vase on top is also fabulous.

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