Abigail Ahern

A constantly evolving home

Please forgive the lack of posts the last few days schedule got a little crazy to say the least. Also thank you to design sponge for featuring my pad apparently one of their very best loved homes featured in sneak peaks so that was exciting to see. Talking of which my pad continually changes and its morphed from this as seen on design sponge: Understated, elegant but nothing to make your heart skip a beat - to this (excuse my poor photography by the way)... A multi layered library full to the brim with finds . I added plaster mantle pieces,  rugs, mirrors, oodles of  flowers and a whole ton of accessories. Rooms should never remain static they should grow with you and reflect who you are. In the early days of my career I didn't have the confidence I do now to play around, push boundaries and flirt with going over the edge.  I wonder why not but I guess that comes with age and being comfortable with who you are and not giving a darn about what others think. The most engaging interiors in my mind have no straight paths meaning you can't walk in a straight line from end of the room to the other. You have to chart your own course as you would if say you were taking a stroll through the forest.  Paths are never straight instead they are curved or arched, you can wander this way or not and consciously or not your senses are activated. This is what makes for an interesting interior,    turning something ordinary into something extraordinary. Happy decorating x

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