Talking sofas

Today I am feeling a little sorry for myself - its the start of a detox plan that the medical profession seem to think I need to undertake so no dairy and a few weeks later no wheat no alcohol. Yikes lets hope the results are exactly what they predict. Meanwhile lets talk interiors and some everyday classics to  love forever - today  lets talk sofa's. Every home needs a good sofa - and sofa's are hard to source in my opinion. Combining comfort with style is paramount - I've done the stylish thing buying a sofa that looked fabulous but was so not comfortable so for me at least comfort with a big dose of style ticks all my boxes. Recently I brought from the auction house a chesterfield - I am a little obsessed with these sofa's as they shout comfort coupled with that gentleman's club/ snug/library feel. Perfect for book reading, whisky drinking and watching the embers of a fire late a night. My chesterfield is upholstered in leather deepest darkest chocolate at that,  but recently I came across this one and loved the lighter approach. Another sofa I have in my house which I am also pretty obsessed about is one by George Smith. Not  cheap but the most comfortable thing on earth.  Its recently moved floors from upstairs to the lower ground floor and now hangs out in the TV nook. As I type Maud is spread out over a good portion of it lying in a sun beam having a snooze as you do on Thursday morning. If budget is tight when sofa buying I would go down the vintage route - auction houses, eBay and flea markets are fabulous resources. You will be purchasing a beautifully crafted sofa that will stand the test of time - and as much as I am a fan of the Ikea's of this world when it comes to upholstered pieces I would steer well clear.      

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