Conspicuous consumption

I watched Million Dollar Decorator last night regrettably infact as I think I have no hair left having pulled it all out in utter frustration at the schemes and installations by a group of rather respected US designers – the million dollar decorating set. We’ve all worked on million dollar budgets – the skill (at least for me) is making them as un million dollarish in feel as possible– by that I mean not just showcasing the usual suspects from design centres, co-ordinating them all together in a beige haze of nothingness and creating a show home fit for the pages of Architectural Digest. Or as in the case of Cher’s pad (momentarily featured) so darn over the top and crazy it actually made me run for the wine bottle (even though I’m supposed to be detoxing).  If that wasn’t bad enough after working on the Cher monstrosity home it lead to a whole group of other celebs commissioning the very same designer Mon Dieu! Too impersonally perfect homes make me want to put my Plan B plan in action immediately (relocate to Tuscany, keep bees and tend to a vegetable patch) and not look at another TV programme, design mag again. Having money doesn’t mean that medieval castle theme will ever look good, (forget themes) ostentatious /gaudy and as over the top as possible doesn’t equal good taste.The most beautiful homes and I quote “ are those that are modest, that fit into their surroundings and are supplied with just enough panache for each celebrity to call that house a home” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Discussion over , below a beautiful beautiful home office  stylish, sophisticated, and bling less, sometimes less is actually more.  

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