Lighten Up

Lighting your outside space makes the hugest difference as its a bit like creating another room altogether especially if like me you have big glass doors leading out onto the garden. I am looking at my garden year round therefore lighting is pretty fundamental. Also not so long ago I created a garden at the front and have simply but rather successfully lit that as well - planted or plonked a huge old fig surrounded it with balls of box all of which I have subtlety lit with a few spots. So  treat your garden as you would any other room - task lighting for entranceways, paths and terraces and then the more decorarive parts of your garden highlight with accent lighting. Now I’ve got a big old moose head (doubling up as a light) hanging out on  my outdoor fireplace but am in search of chandeliers that I can suspsend from trees to create some magic. There isn’t a lot out there I hate to say so am considering instead a smattering of table and floor lights. The Delano in Miami light their hotel grounds so beautifully its forever in my mind.  Hanging modernish pendants  in old trees and clustering  beautiful floor and table lights around the grounds is beyond fabulous – doubly so in that balmy night air that so typifies Miami . Very recently came across the work of Linda Allen who designed this collection of lamps called Live Anywhere. They are and her goes: portable, cordless, weather resistant, rechargeable and multi setting. Yay hey Outdoor lamps by Linda Allen Lighting at the Delano Hotel in Miami - beautiful

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