Sometimes, many times people stop decorating too soon - the floors the  walls and furniture get sorted and then that's it. The details, all those finishing touches actually add the wow factor they turn a room from being ordinary to extraordinary When I walk into a room I want to be bedazzled. I don’t want to immediately clock everything in one big old swoop. I want my pulse rate to increase, I want to be tantalised, mesmerised seduced and beckoned all in one hit.  Tall order? Not necessarily. The key is to incorporate as much personal stuff as you can as this boosts curb appeal if you know what I mean. Get cleverly creative by adding mirrors and art and cheering up floors with rugs. Rugs are a fabulous way of creating drama and effect with very little effort, not just that they add textural interest.  Oodles of cushions on furniture  (different sizes clustered together work well) create instant cosiness Take these images below for example, it may take a while for the eye to clock absolutely everything but that’s the point. [caption id="attachment_2173" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="Photography Graham Atkins Hughes"][/caption] The TV area in my sister's pad - fun finds distract from the TV and totally create an interesting focal point. Talking of TV's this nook has been layered to the brim with fabulous finds you barely notice the TV. Its not about how many objects you have in a room instead its about how you display them and the consistency of the colour palette keeps it from being too over whelming. Bravo I say

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