Creating textural interest

Fed fed fed fed up this morning with this darn detox programme it's just ramped up to the second phase, a new level of tediousness.No fruit and hence no natural sugar, no wheat, no alcohol no coffee, no diary no pork no starchy vegetables – shall I go on, and I still have another 4 weeks to go, yikes! You can imagine just how fun I am to go to supper with these days! If I don’t look like a stick instinct at the end of this stint I shall scream (and get better of course although that feels quite secondary right now) Enough about me and my moaning and droning, think I shall be doing a lot of that today. Let’s talk texture a crucial and often times neglected component of design hence the plethora of flat and boring rooms around.Texture isn’t just about adding fabrics there are all sorts of tips to enhance a rooms depth. Here goes – you can add visual interest by mixing up the tonality of your palette – decorating in the same tone or two tones is a little boring mix it up and voila suddenly excitement happens. Scent is also part of a room’s texture – you don’t want anything overpowering but you want the room to feel gently fragrant. Two of my all time favourite scented candles which we sell in the store (of course) are Jonathan Adler’s muse candles and Baobab’s collection of scents inspired by the African plains: morning dew, wild grass and Serengeti plains are a few of their fabulous scents. Layer  your lighting ( I am a lighting freak) your lighting needs to work for you all through the day and evening – tabletop, task, accent and so forth and dimmer switches are fundamental. If you fancy adding some textural grandiosity consider replacing door knobs sinple but effective. Splurge go super sized and suddenly you’ve  added the wow factor. Below Nichols Canyon’s pad in LA of which I am rather jealous of – I love love love the rustic panelling coupled with some seriously glam pieces of furniture. Commune Design designed the space – one of the coolest design studios on the globe apart from my own of course (can I say that)?  

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