Think Pink

One of the most transformative things you can do to a space is add colour – its one of the most over the counter, mood changing components around. It makes you feel uplifted, happy and if you are me an overwhelming urge to dance when you get it right. When you don’t get it right like last weekend in my pad for example it makes you so frustrated you stay up to midnight painting the whole thing back. One colour I have never dabbled with is pink – accessories, blooms, rugs perfectly happy to go with but pink  on walls and my self doubt kicks in. However I am coming around to the idea of pink but more of a blush really. Beautiful in bathrooms or dressing rooms I’m thinking.So lets talk pink for a minute its one of those hues that does far more than it says on the jar – it relaxes, it excites and it provokes glamour and romance.  Pretty darn cool hey. It’s way more versatile than you might think, and yes boys will freak when you possibly mention painting walls pink but then change the name of the colour call it blush or pearl or some such thing - its worked for me, hey I think I called deepest darkest black summer cloud! Opps Photography Earl Carter.  

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