Musical chairs

I have a thing about chairs not sure why but I do. I have way more than I need but I like creating focal points with them, partnering them with say a little side table a cluster of blooms and a few tomes and I've put them everywhere from the bathroom to the bedroom, on landings in hallways and against the odd wall. I've got all sorts, all finishes and all colours. Some are vintage, some are modern, some are super comfortable and some are not so. They really do spruce up a room. If you want a rather individual look as I do opt for lots of different types (no plumping for a set now) as it creates far more interest. My house is Victorian so I've coupled the odd trad wing back with some modern numbers - concrete rocking chairs, a super loungy velvet and tweed number with then an old leather thing I found at a market that Maud has eaten a little!.  Layer them with textiles and an interesting dialogue begins to happen. I've never brought off ebay or online as I always kind of want to sit in them first - even if they are not that comfortable I want to look at the finish establish just how sturdy they may be and so on. Anyway a few of mine below - fell of the detox wagon last night and had a couple of glasses of very fine wine and am now feeling like hell so its off to the gym for a pound on the treadmill. These used to be in the store but I pinched them rather naughtily and now they reside at home. I love the bus roll chair, the font creates an interesting pattern without being too overwhelming and the orgone hang out by fireplace seen below. And below Maud's chair sit on it if you dare! Fraudie will stare you out until you feel so guilty you can't stand it for a second longer!

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