Summer decorating

What is it about summer that makes decorating such fun. I don't mean the hard slog of DIY and painting walls I mean throwing open the windows, buying some blooms, juggling around with the furniture layout a bit, moving the odd artwork, re laying rugs that sort of thing. Some people not naming names don't find it fun at all, they sigh and look to the heavens and have the longest face on earth, whilst others of us (Maud and myself) love it. Maud's favourite game in the world is to position herself  on a  rug and with me forever changing its position I pull it here there and everywhere whilst she sits, the faster I pull the more she loves it. Sad hey. Anyways some of our weekend was spent doing that - the rest of the weekend was figuring out or trying to figure out what the Christmas collection will consist of. Dare I even mention Christmas at this time of year - totally unthinkable I know but there I was yesterday podding broad beans under the honeysuckle in one of the hotest days of the year yabbering about all things Christmas. I won't tell you the plans just yet (want to surprise you a little) but shall leave you with this pad designed by Commune Design which just shouts hot summer days! By the way I know I said we would be launching the Style Surgery service on facebook today but I got carried away with Christmas yesterday - apologises - hoping to work on that today if I can steer myself away from the tennis. I love this room particularly the fabulous use of texture, shiny, slubby, rough and so on totally enlivens the space.

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