Liberty's, boots and other things

Its been a bit of a busy morning - a supersonic work out followed by a trip to town via Liberty where I sort of lost track of time in the shoe department so exciting is there sale. Brought the highest pair of boots to date but they so made my legs look skinny something that has never ever happened before that I felt like buying 300 of them in case I ever wore them out. So in love with them am I that I wearing them typing this on a super hot day in town. Enough said I am loosing the plot and I digress - lots to talk about this afternoon, first up did you know the Huffington Post is launching in the UK and they've asked me to contribute which is hugely exciting. Secondly amazing press over the weekend - five pages in Serbia Elle Decoration and two pages including the cover in Hong Kong Home - thank you guys flattered and delighted. My trip to Australia is less than two weeks away so am fine tuning my speech and figuring out which images to include there are just so many. We've got two  more dog lights in production hope to get some images really soon to show you guys - I must just say I've been so amazed at the response our poor little potters in Stoke can barely keep up with demand so thank you. Going to leave you with an image that shows how important circles are in a space - breaking up straight lines and adding some drama. You don't see many circular rugs around and I am a huge fan,   not just of round rugs mind but as much circular stuff as possible being plonked in a space - think cushions, mirrors, vases otherwise you will have on your hands a rather formal looking room and who wants that hey! Back to normal tomorrow posting at the regular time and possibly still wearing the boots! Photography Richard Powers        

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