The art of unexpected style

Fabulous eclectic interiors for me at least are not those purely made up of miscellaneous furniture - its more about creating excitement through tension and intrigue. So you're initially startled and surprised and you find yourself wanting to go back for more. I don't strive to create unexpected interiors for the purpose of being different - its the aesthetic juxtapositions, the decorative chemistry between say a roughly plastered wall partnered with  a collection of super glossy ceramics that creates the visual friction I am after. Creative tension then are our watch words - vividly contrasting the furnishings of a room to create a stimulating enviroment. That may be through some intense colour combinations or by blending soft and severe textures. We're trying to create a visual riddle more than grouping say a mid century modern table next to a French Empire chair or Art Deco lamp. Yes we want an international mix of periods but not for the sake of being eclectic - rather we want stylistic tension, as the tension causes  the excitement. Of course no eclectic interior is complete without the visual trickery of lighting something I am obsessed with - as it creates mood, atmosphere and depth of field. Its sunny outside right now but in my studio where the sun doesn't hit until the afternoon I have two desk lamps, a whole host of table & floor  lamps as well as two poodles and now two greyhounds hanging out on ostrich tables casting a warm soft comforting glow. Queen of creating the eclectic vibe Ms Kelly Wearstler - every interior whether you are a fan or not is something special.

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