Living with colour

I'm a bit obsessed with colour which I guess you all probably know right. Its the easiest decorating tool around as it changes the personality of a space - by seducing, thrilling, relaxing and so forth. Used correctly it turns a faceless room into something spectacular. I find that many people are scared of colour thinking perhaps it will date too quickly. I say  its what you do with it and what you put with it that adds longevity. You may not want to be a bold as I and paint walls in sludgy inky smoky hues and thats fine (actually it isn't fine but shall save that campaign for another day)! By adding say a couple of pillows, a rug, a painting, a lamp some flowers - like our very latest delivery here will totally and utterly brighten up your pad. Accessories are such a fab way of introducing some intoxicating hues and forget all the rules about colours clashing - look to mother nature as your inspiration - if she can partner green green grass with say a smattering of blue delphiniums then so can we. Or these dark beautiful blue hydrangeas below with some puffy snow ball like gelda then all the better I say.

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