Giving stairs the wow treatment

Fraudie and I are off for a stroll along the canal followed by breakfast at Tow Path - big treat as we should be at our desks working  (or in Fraudie's case playing in the park with all her other doggie friends) but I figured we needed some quality time together. I so miss her when traveling so we're going to spend some hanging out time.  I saw an image the other day that I thought the most fabulous idea. I've touched upon something similar in my book but these guys have searched out and sourced the most beautiful old scraps off carpet, rugs and then used them as a stair runner. Firstly it injects instant funkiness with its mix and match approach. Not only that it feels highly individual but luxurious at the same time. I've been wanting to cover up my stairs for ages now - as I feel they need more of a decorative edge - a big dose of texture, colour and pattern. So without further ado here is the image I am talking about - pretty easy to do as I am always seeing odd carpet pieces at flea markets. These textiles lend extraordinary warmth and softness to the staircase. Very much love.

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